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Supported Modern Browsers
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  • Safari 7+
  • All modern browsers, devices, and operating systems generally work, but may not supported.

Internet Connections

  • A broadband connection is required.
  • Dialup connections may cause problems.
  • Poor or slow wireless connections, 3G connections, or satellite connections may cause problems.
  • ADSL connections with slow upload speeds may cause problems.

Security and Viruses on User PCs
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Test Result Requirement You Required for...
Fail Windows 7+, MAC OS X 10.8+, iOS 9+, Android 6+ Unknown ...viewing the website correctly.
Fail MSIE 9+, Firefox 30+,
Safari 7+, Chrome 40+
Unknown ...viewing the website correctly.
Enabled ...interacting with the website.
Enabled ...remaining signed in.
Enabled ...saving quiz answers.
9 or higher ...viewing some course content, audio, and video.
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