STEP 1: INSURANCE EXAM PREP has the insurance exam prep education you need. 

  • The most up-to-date, state-specific content available
  • Quick reference with integrated glossary and search tools
  • Unlimited, customizable practice tests and timed state exam simulations
  • Instant results and progress feedback
  • Live, personalized coaching and dynamic study planning
  • Mobile-friendly study aids including electronic flashcards

Tips for Success:

  1. Set a study plan. Incremental daily progress is key to retention!
  2. Study the course material in full. Quizzes are just a guide!
  3. Use Exam Tutor to identify areas of weakness.
  4. Review the material for Mastery. Don't just retest.
  5. Pass a simulated exam. Know before you go!

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After getting licensed, learn how to quickly and effectively work leads.

  • Proven prospecting techniques using THE APPROACH, 8-step process
  • 5 hours of activities, scripts and techniques on CD or DVD with workbook
  • Turn more leads into appointments and generate more referrals

Lead prospecting training materials are shipped within 7-10 days of purchase via US Postal service. Do not begin the Don Runge! Live training until you have completed the online exam prep and passed the state licensing exam. No Refunds or Returns for Don Runge Live! materials. 

FOR MANAGERS AND RECRUITERS provides an unparalleled suite of tools, reports and services to empower managers and recruiters to monitor their recruiting pipeline and get more applicants through successfully. By setting expectations and monitoring progress, managers and students stay on the same page and new licensees get a faster start toward success in the industry.


Insurance Exam Prep Course