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Utah PreLicense Exam Prep Requirements

Utah PreLicense Education Requirements

Individual Resident Producer Requirements

To qualify for a resident Utah insurance producer license, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a resident of Utah
  • Be of good character and competency
  • Pass the license examination as required by state statute
  • Submit fingerprints
Before making an exam reservation applicants should thoroughly review the State of Utah Licensing Candidate Handbook. The Candidate Handbook and additional licensing information can be accessed by clicking on the tabs above.

Utah PreLicense Product Training Requirements

Long-Term Care Partnership Training

State required training for insurance producers that sell long-term care partnership products.

Initial Training
Frequency: One-time training must be complete prior to selling LTC products.

Ongoing Training
Frequency: Ongoing training must be completed every license period, following the initial training requirement.

Additional Information

Utah PreLicense Exam Prep Course Requirements

Prelicense Course Delivery

Applicants must read each lesson before they can proceed to the next lesson.

Utah PreLicense Exam Prep Exam Requirements

Prelicense Course Exam

  • Passing Score: suggests students pass's Practice exam with a score of 70% or higher.
  • Exam Proctor Requirements: The Practice exam does not require a proctor.

Reporting and Utah PreLicense Exam Prep Certificates of Completion

Certificate of Completion

The Utah Insurance Department does not require a PLE certificate of completion.

State Reporting Requirements

The Utah Insurance Department does not require PLE course completions to be reported.

Utah PreLicense Application Process

License Application Process

  1. Make insurance licensing exam Reservation: To register online for an insurance license exam in Utah, go to or to register for an insurance license exam in Utah by phone, call 800-733-9267.

  2. Fingerprinting Process: The Utah Insurance Department requires all individuals applying for a resident insurance license to be fingerprinted. After passing the examination, use the kiosk at the test center to complete your license application online via Sircon or NIPR. The license application will include an FBI/BCI fingerprint fee ($12.00 FBI/$20.00 BCI) that must be paid by credit card during the online license application process. Print out your Sircon or NIPR confirmation page and show it to the test center proctor as proof you have paid the FBI/BCI fees. Pay the $20.00 PSI processing fee, made payable by money order, cashier’s check, company check, VISA or MasterCard. Your fingerprints will then be scanned.

  3. Resident License Application Process: Important: Your license application and fee must be submitted within 90 days of passing your exam. After 90 days, the exam must be retaken in order for a license to be issued.

    All Utah license applications must be filed electronically. Upon successful completion of the licensing exam, the candidate may apply for a producer license by completing and submitting the license application electronically via by using the kiosk located in the exam center and by paying all fees with a credit card. Sircon will electronically forward the application and all fees to the Utah Insurance Department.

  4. Materials Needed to Apply: Candidates who receive a passing score on the state exam will need to forward the materials listed below to the Utah Insurance Department.
    • Complete the Utah Insurance Department License Application
    • Fingerprinting receipt
    • Application fee (application fees are noted on the licensing application)

Transfer Utah PreLicense Application Process

Transfer Producer Requirements

Utah is reciprocal in its licensing of new Utah residents who were previously licensed in another state.

License Application Process

Ways to Apply

A nonresident licensee who wishes to become a resident licensee will need to forward the materials listed below to:
Utah Insurance Department
State Office Building, Suite 3110
P.O. Box 146901
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6901

Materials Needed to Apply:
  • Submit a completed license application and the appropriate fees to the Department within 90 days of canceling the other state’s license that was in good standing at the time of cancellation and within 90 days of becoming a legal resident of Utah. (Note: After 90 days, a Laws and Regulations exam is required.)
  • Submit proof of residency to the Department within the last 90 days (for example, a Utah driver’s license with an issue date or a mortgage agreement or lease agreement).
  • Have evidence of good standing of the other state’s license at the time it was canceled, such as a Letter of Clearance dated within the previous 90 days or electronic verification through the Producer Database (PDB).
Fingerprinting Process: The Utah Insurance Department requires all individuals applying for a resident insurance license to be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting must be done at a Prometric test center, using "live scan" technology, which digitally captures and transmits the fingerprints to the Utah Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for a criminal history background check. Fingerprinting is not required for resident licensees adding a line of authority to an existing license. View additional instructions.

Non-Resident Utah PreLicense Exam Prep Requirements

Non-Resident License Requirements

The State of Utah is a signatory to the NAIC Statement of Uniform Treatment of Nonresident Producers. Utah accepts NAIC Uniform Applications and has accepted the NAIC Model Producer Licensing Act. Contact the Department for specific instructions.
  • Hold an Active Resident License in one of the Home States participating in the National Insurance Producer Registry's Producer Database.
  • Complete non-resident license application
  • Provide your Social Security Number. (This is a required data field when completing the Non-Resident Uniform Application.)

License Application Process

Ways to Apply

Apply Online: Electronic nonresident producer applications and instructions may be accessed at or

Materials Needed to Apply:
  • Application fee (application fees are noted on the licensing application)
  • Completed non-resident producer license application

Utah PreLicense Contact Info

Utah Insurance Department

  • Phone: (801) 538-3800
  • Website:
  • Mail: State Office Building, Suite 3110. P.O. Box 146901 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6901


The licensing information presented here is a brief summary only and is not intended to be comprehensive or complete. We urge you to check with your state's insurance department for complete and current information about its licensing rules and requirements.