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Idaho Insurance PreLicensing Requirements

Idaho Insurance PreLicensing EducationRequirements

To qualify for a resident Idaho insurance producer license, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Maintain principal place of residence or business in Idaho
  • Be trustworthy, of good character and reputation as to morals, integrity, financial responsibility, and not have been convicted of or pled guilty to a felony or a misdemeanor
  • Pass the license examination
  • Submit fingerprints
  • File a license application and remit filing fees

State Candidate Handbook

Before making an exam reservation Candidates should thoroughly review the Idaho Insurance Candidate Handbook, which contains the exam content outlines important information regarding eligibility and the examination and licensing application process.

Insurance PreLicense Course Requirements

Course Delivery

Applicants must read each lesson before they can proceed to the next lesson.

Course Exam Requirements

  • Passing Score: PreLicense.com suggests students pass PreLicense.com's Practice exam with a score of 70% or higher.
  • Exam Proctor Requirements: The Practice exam does not require a proctor.

Reporting and Insurance PreLicense Certificates of Completion

Certificate of Completion

The Idaho Department of Insurance does not require a PLE certificate of completion.

State Reporting Requirements

The Idaho Department of Insurance does not require PLE course completions to be reported.

State Licensing Exam Requirements

Methods of Registration

Register for your examinations online by accessing PSI’s registration Web site at www.psiexams.com. 

Materials Needed to Register

Candidates must register for the exam with their LEGAL first and last name as it appears on their government-issued identification. All required identification below must match the first and last name under which the candidate is registered. Candidates are required to bring two (2) forms of valid (nonexpired) signature bearing identification to the test site. 

Exam Retakes

  • If you do not pass, you will receive a diagnostic report indicating your strengths and weaknesses by examination type on the score report.
  • Examination retakes are $60 for 1 or both examination portions.
  • Candidates taking a major line examination and who fail any part will need to retake only the part that was failed. Both parts must be passed within 180 days (6 months) of passing one part of the exam. 

State Exam Passing Score

Applicants must pass the state licensing exam with a 70% or higher to file a license application.

Testing Centers and Exam Fees

Additional Training Requirements

State-Required Product Training

Your state has special training requirements in order for licensed agents to sell the following products:

Long-Term Care: Before selling, soliciting, or negotiating LTC insurance products in Idaho, producers must complete an initial 8-hour, NAIC LTC course approved in any state.

Purchasing State-required Product Training with your exam prep course from the PreLicense.com catalog will allow you to take one of the special training requirement courses from WebCE. Additional fees for state filing, books or shipping may apply at the time you register to begin taking the product training course.

Click here for more information regarding state-specific product training.

Resident Producer Application Process

Step 1: Make an Examination Reservation and Pay the Fee

Register for your examinations online by accessing PSI’s registration Web site at www.psiexams.com.  Internet registration is available 24 hours a day

Step 2: Fingerprinting

You MUST be fingerprinted at one of PSI test centers.  You may get fingerprinted on the day of your examination or walk-in during the regular testing hours. 


The $70 processing fee is payable by money order, cashier’s check, company check, VISA or MasterCard (checks made payable to PSI).  This payment includes the State processing fee of $40.00 and the PSI processing fee of $30.00.

Fingerprints are valid for 6 months. 

Step 3: Apply for a License

After you have passed your insurance examination and have been fingerprinted for the purpose of obtaining an insurance license your next step is to apply for the license online via www.sircon.com/idaho or www.nipr.com within 180 days of passing and to pay state licensing fees of $80. 

Transfer Producer Application Process

Transfer Producer Requirements

If you are moving to Idaho and wish to qualify for an Idaho license without taking an examination, you must obtain your license within 90 days of moving to Idaho or 90 days of cancellation of your former home state license.

Applicants who are currently licensed as a non-resident in Idaho will need to apply by the paper in order to apply for their resident license.

Application Process

Ways to Apply

Materials Needed to Apply

A nonresident licensee who wishes to become a resident licensee will need to forward the following materials to the Idaho Department of Insurance if applying by paper.

  • Completed Uniform Application for Individual Insurance Producer License
  • Check or money order in the amount of $80.00
  • Fingerprint Receipt

Fingerprinting Process

Non-residents moving to Idaho to obtain a new resident license must be fingerprinted.  Idaho requires that all resident applicants that do not currently hold an Idaho insurance license to submit fingerprints. Candidates must be fingerprinted at one of the PSI test centers. You may get fingerprinted on the day of the examination or walk in during the regular testing hours. Candidates who reside 100 miles or more from a PSI center in Idaho or who live outside the state of Idaho must utilize the following process:

1. Fingerprints must be taken by a qualified law enforcement
agency (police or sheriff’s office) or other entity that
provides fingerprinting services. These fingerprint cards
may be either the traditional ink rolled fingerprints or
electronically captured and printed fingerprint cards. You
may want to call ahead to determine the hours of
operation as well as if there are any fees associated with
this service.

2. Fingerprints MUST be submitted on FBI applicant cards (FD-
258). Most law enforcement agencies will provide this card
as a part of the service. If the law enforcement agency is
unable to provide the FBI applicant card, you may obtain
one by contacting the Idaho Department of Insurance at

[email protected].

3. Once the fingerprint card has been completed in its
entirety, please remit with a $70.00 processing fee
(personal checks are not accepted, must be in the form of
a money order or cashier’s check payable to PSI Services,
LLC). Be sure to include the fingerprint receipt as well as
the Request and Release and ISP CHRI documents (found
at the end of the Candidate Information Bulletin):

PSI Services LLC
ID Insurance Fingerprinting
3210 E. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Non-Resident Producer Application Process

Non-Resident License Requirements

Non-residents may apply by reciprocity and are exempt from the examination requirement, as long as they are currently licensed as a resident and in good standing in their home state.

License Application Process

Ways to Apply:

Materials Needed to Apply

  • Completed Uniform Application for Individual Insurance Producer License
  • Check or money order in the amount of $80.00

Fingerprinting Process

There are no fingerprint requirements for non-resident applicants in Idaho.

The licensing information presented here is a brief summary only and is not intended to be comprehensive or complete. We urge you to check with your state's insurance department for complete and current information about its licensing rules and requirements.