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Arkansas PreLicense Exam Prep Requirements

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Arkansas PreLicense Education Requirements

Individual Resident Producer Requirements

To qualify for a resident Arkansas state insurance producer license, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a US citizen or have a current work authorization.
  • Reside or maintain a principal place of residence in Arkansas.
  • Complete an approved prelicensing course of study (see prelicense requirements below) Submit fingerprints
  • Pass a written examination and file a license application

Required Arkansas PreLicense Exam Prep Hours

PreLicense Education Requirements (PLE)

Applicants must complete Prelicense education (PLE) for each major line of authority (LOA), as follows:
  • Life – 20
  • Health and Accident – 20
  • Life, Health, and Accident – 20
  • Property – 20
  • Casualty – 20
  • Property and Casualty – 20
Before making an exam reservation applicants should thoroughly review the State of Arkansas Licensing Candidate Handbook. The Candidate Handbook and additional licensing information can be accessed by clicking on the tabs above.

Arkansas PreLicense Product Training Requirements

Long-Term Care Training

State required training for insurance producers that sell long-term care products.

Initial Training
Hours: 8
Frequency: One-time training must be complete prior to selling LTC products.

Ongoing Training
Hours: 4
Frequency: Ongoing training must be completed every 24-month period following the completion of the initial training and every 24-months thereafter.

Additional Information

Arkansas PreLicense Exam Prep Course Requirements

Prelicense Course Delivery

Applicants must read each lesson before they can proceed to the next lesson.

Arkansas PreLicense Exam Prep Exam Requirements

Prelicense Course Exam

  • Passing Score: Applicants must pass the PLE final exam with a 70% or higher to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Exam Proctor Requirements: Exam Proctor Requirements: Proctors must be a disinterested third party, with Minimum age of 18 years old, the monitor could be anyone except family members or relatives or dependents, employers or supervisors, employees or subordinates, partners or joint ventures or co-owners, or significant others, or for anyone in whom the proctor instructor has an economic or other interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination.

Reporting and Arkansas PreLicense Exam Prep Certificates of Completion

Certificate of Completion provides online, printable certificates of completion in Arkansas. An applicant must meet Arkansas’ PLE requirements before a certificate of completion is issued.

State Reporting Requirements Reports Prelicense course completion every Month to Arkansas Department of Insurance.

Arkansas PreLicense Application Process

License Application Process

  1. Prelicense education: Prepare for the Arkansas State Exam by completing a pre-licensing course of study.
  2. The hours required are: Life 20 hrs. - Accident/Health/Sickness 20 hrs. - Property 20 hrs. - Casualty 20 hrs. - Personal Lines 20 hrs. IMPORTANT: When making a licensing exam reservation, applicants will be required to provide their provider school code number.’s Arkansas provider school code number is 12801.

  3. License Application: Applicants must apply for their license before taking the State exam. Apply online by visiting Pearson Vue, Online application fees are $29. If you are applying by mail, you will submit a check for $29 payable to Arkansas Insurance Department, along with all of the supporting documents.

  4. Register and Schedule your exam.
  5. Complete the application and pay the exam Fee. Once registered Applicants will receive an authorization to test, then they can call Pearson VUE for an appointment. This process could take from 3 to 10 days. Take note of your confirmation number, date, time, and location of your exam. An examination fee must be paid by credit card, debit card, voucher or electronic check. Take exam at the correct location, on scheduled date and time. You should report to the test center thirty (30) minutes before the examination and check in with the test center administrator. You must bring identification from the list on page 11 of the Handbook or you will not be allowed in.
You must also bring:
  • Certification of completion of prelicensing education
  • The confirmation number provided when the reservation was made and your Failing score report (if you are retaking an examination.)

Transfer Arkansas PreLicense Application Process

New Resident Producer Requirements

Applicants must provide a clearance letter if they hold a license from another state and are moving to Arkansas. They should contact the Arkansas Department of Insurance to determine whether or not they must take an examination.

Non-Resident Arkansas PreLicense Exam Prep Requirements

Information on obtaining a nonresident license is available on the Arkansas Insurance Department’s Web page at, or by calling the Department at (501) 371-2750.

Arkansas PreLicense Contact Info

Arkansas Insurance Department

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The licensing information presented here is a brief summary only and is not intended to be comprehensive or complete. We urge you to check with your state's insurance department for complete and current information about its licensing rules and requirements.